Green and Spring: Simply the Best

I spent an awful lot of this last winter holed up inside my dim, dank, dusky (is that a word?) apartment. Pretty sure I uttered the word “despair” at least 3x a day 💀. While I was in my general headspace of “this sucks, man” I gained appreciation for two intertwined things that were coming soon: spring and its characteristic green hues.📗🥒🍏🌳🍀🍃

Steven Crowder “Change My Mind” Meme: Spring is the best season
you: fall’s vast array colors are breathtaking — me, an intellectual: there’s literally only one color that matters

As the days slowly..

very slowly.. 😒 longer and warmer I spent more time outside and grew to appreciate the lovely light green shades that emerged.💚

A look through tree branches and leaves
yes dude YES

Trees🌴 🌳 awoke from their whatever-hibernation-thing and greeted me with open arms. Winds blew 💨🍃 and shook trees, leaving (u c wat i did there) mesmerizing green blobs to swing like pendulums. It’s a whimsical season! Was all of this for me? 🥺

a bewildered Boz
mfw there’s green (photo creds: Danny G @dan_is_me_)

Ok, I’ll bite.

“Boz, you dolt, there’s like a billion colors that also emerge in spring! What about the flowers, the nice oranges 🍊, the yellows 🌻, the purples even!? Roses, with their bright reds 🌹 and light pinks? How can you have spring without all its other characteristic, bright, beautiful colors? 🥰😍”

🍃 Idk man I just like green. Kinda hard to get away from it. 🌿

Even the sea is looking a little green with envy

It’s probably why I enjoy Wordle, that neat little row of 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 egging me on to finish it. It’s the color of life — thanks, chlorophyll 🍃! Green means go, good…..uhhh what else..

I think I had a green hairband once?

Lost that one a while back. Tragic. Soul-crushing. How will I ever live on.

Potted lettuce head
This green one was delicious

Spring brings much-needed warmth, but not too much. A brief respite from the chills of winter 🥶, eventually leaving us with the scorching summer heat🥵.

Perhaps I wouldn’t appreciate spring so much without the despair 💀 of winter. Green subside to orange, red, purple, then the grays of winter. Trees will metamorphosize (another new word from yours truly) from springy, bouncy, lively beings to stiff skeletons, and that’s ok. Circle of life-something-something-mumbo-jumbo.

Look at that landscape. wowaweewa

Do you like green? Are you, too, a springy person? Or are you big mad 😡 and wanna argue with me about the merits of your Objectively Subpar™ favorite season/color?

I want to start writing more about the things that bring me joy, and in turn I want to hear about what brings you joy, so let me know :)

bye 👋





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